Bild Kanzeltotale Neue Preussische PhilharmonieThe New Prussian Philharmony Berlin is a young orchestra with the ambition to cultivate German cultural traditions, structures and operations in their repertoire, which consists of classic German standard works.

The orchestra is located in Berlin, the heart of the former Prussian capital and contemporary European cultural metropolis. The word "Prussian" in the naming offers two different interpretations, the one based on the era of Frederick Frederick the Great, the other on the Wilhelmine Empire. Enlightenment ideas are closely related to important musical works of the "Wiener Klassik". Concerts as well as symphonies of composers like Haydn and Mozart are among the intellectual legacy of the Enlightenment and bore witness across countries and fiefdoms all over Europe. Haydn and Mozart were Masons, as well as Frederick the Great. From the beginning and based on Beethoven, the musical development has made a significant progress, has unleashed its own sound in the spirit of the Enlightenment and has, in the course of history, gained several regional variations.
We feel especially connected to the work of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, who played an important role in the Prussian history. As a consequence Mendelssohn's symphonies and concertos are logically the centerpiece of our repertoire.

The concept of substantive programmatic references for us is an indispensable pillar of our musical work. Thematic connections are always guidelines of our program’s design.

With a series of concerts – (Beethoven 1 to Beethoven 5) this year we will connect great works of the Maestro (symphonies, piano concertos and overtures to FIDELEO) to an overall picture.

Besides its own symphony concerts, the New Prussian Philharmony also acts as a partner for a variety of ensembles and choirs.

The musicians of the orchestra are mostly members of major orchestras in Berlin and Brandenburg (Staatskapelle Berlin, Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt/Oder, Orchestra of the Staatstheater Cottbus, etc.).

Concertmaster is Prof. Lothar Friedrich, longtime member of the Staatskapelle Berlin and professor of violin at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin.